For early stage companies

Integrated strategic / business plan development and implementation. In general these projects are 10-15 workdays over a short time period to give quick identification of key issues / opportunities.


Longer term assignments may follow to develop a particular market, exit partnering or regulatory opportunity. Intensive “hands-on” roles are an option, especially in marketing or medical affairs.


Brief, focused market assessment / competitor identification projects are also undertaken. Market analysis tools include “bottoms up” market entry / penetration modeling.

Evaluating critical business dynamics (market needs, entry strategy , regulatory strategy, financing strategy etc.) independently is like playing Whac-a-Mole…QPS offers an integrated, scalable, affordable, business plan review and development process with deliverables that provide ongoing decision support

For investors and potential strategic partners

“Due diligence” reviews of business plans / market plans to support opportunity assessment.

Example of workflow in an integrated planning exercise

Examples of focused projects

  • Business Plan review
  • Marketing Plan review
  • Valuation estimation
  • Financial forecasts review
  • Business Plan / Investor Briefing Writing

Other specialized services