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Robert G Wilkins MBChB FRCA

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Healthcare is a process…

Someone paying someone…to do something…to someone…somewhere…with something…

For the insurer all of these factors drive costs; for the provider and patient, all drive outcome; and for the manufacturer all define the market opportunity.

From idea to regulatory filing, from clinical research to sales and marketing strategy, all of these factors need to be evaluated in an integrated fashion.

If you are a Fortune 500 company with a need for a detailed strategic analysis, evaluation of a new product opportunity, design or support of a clinical study program, planning for  a product launch or medical affairs support…

If you are a start-up company needing broad-based help with your business plan or in negotiation with a strategic partner or potential investors…

If you are an investor needing market analysis or due diligence support…


…we can provide focused services that integrate with your team’s skills and experience. 

What's an MBChB?

It's the equivalent of an MD degree, awarded by the University of Manchester, England.

To contact us:

Call +1 908 759 2016 or email

And what's an FRCA?

It's a Fellowship in the Royal College of Anaesthetists of England, the equivalent of Board Certification